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MobsterCrimes official rules

MobsterCrimes official rules

1. Multiple Accounts
Having more than 1 account is forbidden. If we come to believe you are using more than one account, we will remove your second account. If after that account is banned you make another account that one and your main account will both be permanently banned. We have a strict Zero Tolerance for cheating. *****Being a Supporter does not make you exempt from the rules in any way, or qualify you for special treatment. All accounts caught cheating will suffer the same punishment, regardless of whether you are a supporter or not. You have been warned. *****

2. Shared Computers
Sharing a computer is not allowed under any circumstances. Because we can not determine who has multiple accounts on one computer or who is sharing a computer with someone else, we must assume that you are cheating and one or both accounts will be banned. For this reason, we do not suggest signing in from a public computer. Using your friend's computer to check your account will result in one or both accounts being banned. The use of the same IP address is acceptable AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT SHARE THE SAME COMPUTER. Once an account has been banned for cheating, it will not be unbanned. *****Being a Supporter does not make you exempt from the rules in any way, or qualify you
for special treatment. All accounts caught cheating will suffer the same punishment, regardless of whether you are a supporter or not. You have been warned. *****

3. Outside Programs and Glitches
Using an outside program, glitch, or any browser tricks (including plug-ins and auto refresh/load) in the game to alter the affects of the game is considering cheating. If you are found abusing either one, your account may be removed. Please report any bugs or glitches you find in the game. If we find you are a abusing them, we will have your account disabled.

4. Farming cash/kills
Cash--You are not allowed to arrange with an other Mafioso an attack on each other where one or both players would get either cash, drugs, cars or planes with little or no lose to the attacker (meaning the attacker doesn't lose as many defensive units as if he had attacked just some random player in the round). you are not allowed to leave your current family then attack one of the members who has cash, drugs, cars, planes on hand just to keep another player from attacking your family member and taking his cash, drugs, cars, planes. You can not message a new player and trick them into collecting or selling guns for you to hit them.

4a. Kills
You are not allowed to pre arrange with another player to have them recruit and not buy enough guns or a weaker gun then normally bought, Or sell all There weapons right before being attacked or attacking another player to give free kills to the attacker. How ever you are allowed to ask a family member or another player to attack your ops as long as you do not let him attack and take any cash, drugs, cars, or planes. You can not message a new player and trick them into collecting or selling guns for you to hit them. or say you will help them learn how to recruit and then tell them to use all or close to all there turns building and not leaving them enough turns to collect to get there guns.

4b. Raising
deffiniton of raising is this, it involves 3 players, the 2 attackers and the one being attacked, the first attacker attacks a player whos networth is lower then the 2nd attacker, the first attacker attacks and purposly looses the attacks to raise the person being attacked into range for the 2nd attacker. once the person being attacked is in range of the second attacke,r the first one stops, letting the 2nd attacker kill the one who was attacked.

If the peron being attacked is only hit by the one player who had lost money and no one else attacks the one who is attacked there is no raisaing. one player CAN attack another player and loose an attack and cash then build up more dus and re attack the player to kill them, since its all done by the one player there is no raising. you can not be raised if your already in range of attacker and any other player who attacks you before the first attacker had lost there attacks on you and left you with cash on hand even if they lose the attacks since your already in range, raising is only to get you in range of another player who couldnt get there networth low enough to attack you with out your networth being raised.

4c. Quitting/Leaking
This is cheating. If you open an account, attack somebody, ask us to close it, start a new one and attack him again it is just like using multiple accounts. We won't close, ban, or disable any account unless they have broken one of the rules set forth on this page and/or our Terms of Service page. We also will not close, ban, or disable any account by request, as this would open up a loop hole to create a new account. You just have to wait for the new round to start over from scratch. If you want to quit just leave and the next round you won't have any Mafioso registered. You would be able to play other rounds later. Do not put in your profile, "get cash from me, free cars". Do NOT post or advertise you're giving away free money or anything else for that matter. That is considering leaking and may get you removed from the game.

4d. Maxxing
You are allowed to ask other mobsters to max your attacks in, BUT they must be in an extension family or another family, They CAN NOT be a member of your current family who leave or are booted just for the purpose of maxing you or another family member out. ALSO they can not take any large amounts of cash (anything over like $200 ) durring the attacks, and are not allowed to take any drugs durring the attack. since they need to win the attack it is understandable that they will steal some cash or small amount of drugs. but nothing more then that will be allowed. there is also op attacks and drivebys to max players out which you still need to win and a drive by you will need to take more then 50% of your dus on the attack for it to count towards the max attack limit. (this rule is enforced and if anything parts of it is broken you face being removed from the game and possably the person you maxed out does aswell. so if there is any doubht about some form of maxing feel free to message any staff members to get verification before you do any maxing.)

5. Spamming
We are really strict about spammers. Please do not post links to other MMORPG games on the net, it's just out of respect to the programmers who work hard on this game. This includes posting links to sites that contain links to other games. Do not send messages to other players advertising for other games. Your Mafioso character can be banned pretty fast if you abuse this rule.

6. Posting
Do not post any attacks on the public boards or in Public chat rooms. Only share attacks with members of your family. Please do not spam, this includes sending mass messages to a player in order to flood their inbox or transfers. Do not put down the game, or the staff. Do not give out the names or contact information of other players on the boards, this includes any personal information. Do not make racial comments in your posts. If you are creating drama towards the game, we will remove you.

7. Profanity/Racial comments
There have been complaints from players with regards to this. This is a game and games are supposed to be fun. If your player name or family name has any excessive profanity or racist comments in it then you will be asked to change it (if family) or be banned (player name) and told why. Mild adult
language will be allowed in player names, but if we find your name to have excessive profanity (ie. f*ck, c*nt), it will be removed. There is NO swearing on the Recruiting Board. You can, however, swear in the boards (but keep it to a minimum) and you can do whatever you like on your family board as it is not monitored. Profiles or profile pictures that get complaints will be dealt with accordingly.

8. Threatening Messages/Racial Comments
This is a Mafia based game and insults and threats are a part of that. However, sending messages that personally threaten another player or their livelihood will result in you being removed from the game. You are welcome to tell someone you are going to take out them and their whole family
(game wise). You are not allowed, for example, to tell someone you know where they live and are coming to get them or to wish any diseases on them or their family. This is a game and it's meant to be fun. Keep your threats to within the game. Abusive messages also will not be tolerated. Insulting someone's race, religion, mental/physical handicaps or sexual orientation may result in your removal.

9. Game Names/Family Names
Excessive profanity, racial slurs, religious slurs, strong sexual content or derogatory names against players or any of the groups named in Rule 8 are not allowed for game names or family names. If we come to believe your name implies any of the above, your account will be removed from the game. If your family name is one of these, you will be asked to disband and rename your family. If you fail to do so, you will be removed from the game.

10. Nudity
Though this is an 18 and over game, nudity is not allowed on profiles or family medias. Strong sexual content is also not allowed. You will be given an opportunity to remove the offensive material or it may be removed for you. If you refuse to replace it or continue to abuse this rule, you will be removed from the game.

11. Families
The size of gangs is restricted to 20 members. You are free to have alliances or Family extensions but we are not responsible for that and do not provide any tools to handle them.

12. Bad links and Hacking
Do not send links that can affect an account or computer to players within the game. Do not threaten that you are a hacker or will hack the game. Doing so will cause your account to be banned. *Please be advised, MobsterCrimes will not be held responsible or make any corrections for any URL's or outside programs sent to you within the game (or outside the game) that may have affects on your account. If you receive a link to a website in game we strongly urge against you pasting it into your browser.

13. Abusing Staff
The staff is here to answer your questions, fix your problems and handle your complaints. They are the ones that keep the game running. They are volunteers and work hard. They also enforce the rules, which means that often they are not popular. If you have a problem with a staff member, report it to another staff member or to Administrator. Sending the staff abusive messages or bashing them on the boards or your profile could result in your removal from the game. If you do not agree with their decision, get a second opinion. We can not tolerate abuse to the staff.

14. Common Sense
Just because the rule isn't listed here, doesn't make it right. Please think before you take action or make a comment. There are people playing this game from all parts of the world. What may seem like a joke to you could easily be very insulting to someone else.

MobsterCrimes.com reserves the right to modify or terminate its service to Mafioso with or without notice, which includes, but not limited to updates, changes, or restart of game. MobsterCrimes.com shall not be liable to Mafioso or any third party of modification or termination of its service. MobsterCrimes.com may change the terms and conditions of these rules from time to time with or without notice.

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