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Welcome to Mobster Crimes Game Guide

MobsterCrimes is a free web based multi player Online Game and is a browser based game which means there is nothing to download or install! As read in the home page, the possibilities are endless! We at MobsterCrimes would like to give a fair warning, any and everything you do will be taken seriously just like the real mobster criminals. Don’t be too alarmed because this guide will assist along the way. If there is any complications after reading the guide, then feel free to contact the staff via the main menu who are here to help you.


Turns are the base of everything done in this fun and exciting environment. To explain there meaning, just think of them as your time limiters that really are limitless. Turns can be used to Recruit for your defense and/or offense, Production of drugs, or even the Attacking of other Mobsters from around the worlds. Yes there are only real live players here who are just like you, on there way to the top.

You start off with 3,750 Active Turns and 25,000 Reserve Turns And 3,000 turns in the turn bank. After you will receive 25 Turns every 10 Minutes Automatically. Be careful, you will not receive your Free turns if you have 3,750 or more.

You can also purchase extra Turns and even Subscriptions which include better Prizes including real Cash! Turns purchased are yours forever and will remain in your account until you want to add them to a Round as Reserves. However if you add them to a round and don’t use them, they will not go over to the next Round. Subscriptions allow you to receive more Turns per 10 Minutes and last 7 whole days! Other ways to achieve turns are through prizes handed out at end of each Round to the top rankers.


To simply explain it, rounds are the time limit before everything is reset; accept accounts, credits, medals, and prizes. Keep in mind that you will have to login a new Round and start over, but bring along your rep and enemies, so try not to make to many enemies. You can reuse your name if it hasn’t already been taken and/or rejoin the same family. All of it’s up to you. Those who came out on top will go down in history and others may just bring there name and what they made of it. Then there are those who may want a fresh start, go into hiding, or just change names. What every the reason, aim to have fun each and every Round!


This is where it all begins. Here you can use turns to Recruit anything from Hoes to Hitman and Bootleggers to Thugs. You should know that the more you have of a particular Unit, the better those units will perform together. Also don’t forget that you may need some turns to get Weapons and Drugs later.

Units are divided into two categories, Defensive and Operative.

Operatives Units (ops) include Dealers, Whores, Bootleggers, Hustlers and Punks. Operative Units main uses are to Collect cash and/or Produce drugs.

Defensives Units (dus) include Bodyguards, Thugs, and Hitmen. Defensive Units main uses are to Protect and Defend. DO NOT underestimate the need of Defensive Units because they are your first line of defense to keep all your Units from being killed and/or your hard earned cash and items from being stolen.


This will most likely be your main source of income. To keep it simple, the more Turns used and more operatives on which Turns are used Collects more cash. Keep in mind the Happiness level also which if higher, will make your Operatives work better and not leave you. They all use different methods to bring in the cash, but it does all come back as hardcore cash here.

You can buy plenty of things which include narcotics, weapons, and transports. Also you can secure some money in the Bank, not do anything with it, or send it to another Mobster. All of which adds to your net worth except Weapons. Cash on hand can be stolen by other and stronger Mobsters, so be careful.


Here you can buy narcotics, weapons, and vehicles. This is area is key mainly because it provides what you need to maintain the Happiness of your units and weapons to Protect them. Happiness for your Operatives is achieved through alcohol, coke and defensive units. The happiness of Defensive Units is accomplished through weed and weapons.

Take note that certain objects here give Net Worth value (listed below). Narcotics and vehicles provide Net Worth but can be stolen by other Mobsters. Weapons on the other hand have no Net Worth value but however show up in your Final Net Worth which can be viewed via the main menu, dons (of current Family) and underbosses (of current Family) can also see all of there family members final net worths.. Just to clarify things, weapons will sell AUTOMATICLY to show up in the Ranks once the round has ended.


Ranking is the main object of MobsterCrimes as many would say. However we feel it is mostly about creating an environment of fun, drama, ups and downs. Let us begin with the main categories of the ranks, which are Family, Supporter and Free. Supporters are players who have purchased enhancements and Free are those who have not purchased any in some time. These can be broken down into further sub categories that are: supporter net worth, supporter killer, free net worth, free killer and family.

Progress of these rankings can be viewed on these pages. Be warned however, like any race, it is who comes out on top at the end and not during that wins. Those who have won for the round can be viewed via the Past winners page. To top it off, the top 3 of each category (except family) will receive Medals on their Profiles (can be turned off or on at will).


Perhaps the most interactive and important aspect of MobsterCrimes is its interactions with other players. You can create a Family or join one upon being invited. Your Family is there to help you or some even may use you, so be careful. It can get rough when things go down and this is when others in your Family may help you, need your help, sit back and watch or leave you out in the cold. Families can interact with others by working together or against each other. Some may just be simple rivals and agree not to attack each other. One thing is for certain, having a good Family is the best way to learn the game, gain power as you all grow together, and rage war! Keep in mind that some players can have more connections then meet the eye and a Don could have their hands rapped around true power or that could end up being yourself.

1.Creating an union:
To create a union you must first have a family and be Don of that family, then once your family has atleast 5 members in it then the Option to create a union will become available to the don of the family on the family options page. This new option will ask you for a name for your union which can not be the same as any other established unions name in the round, It will also ask you for a name for your first extension family, this name can not match your families name or any other family name in the round, it will also have a drop down box with all the names of your family members. Here you chose which player you want to be don over the extension family. After chosing the union and family name,the player you want to be don over extension just hit the Create extension button and the game will automaticaly create the union, make the extension family and move the player you chose to be don over to the new family. Now some new links will appear on your family page which are.

1.1 Union Home:
This is just like your family page except it list all the families in the union along with all the members in those families. As the don of the union you will see each family in your union final networth but as a whole family. family members final networths are only seen by there families don, consig and underboss's.

1.2 Union Options:
These are all the union options available to the union Don, Consigliere and Underboss. Each Union Don will be able to promote a Consigliere and 1 Underboss, These are the only 3 people in the union that will have any powers within the union.

1.3 Message Union: (Union Don only)
This is the same as message family except it will send the message to every member of your union and is only available to the Don of the union.

1.4 Union Board:
This board is just like a family board except every member in the union can read and post on it, no matter what extension they are in just as long as there family is a part of your union they can use the union board. The regular family and buisness boards how ever are still only limited to only family members so they are still private and exclusive to only that one family.

1.5 Union bank logs:

This shows how much money each member of the union has donated or received from there family banks and the family bank balance of each family in the union all listed in groups by famly.

1.6 Union attack in logs:
This will list all attacks on any member of your union, you can chose to view these by either the whole union at once or per Union member from a drop down box that will have all the members of your union listed. and only shows the attacks on the player while they were in your union no attacks from before they joined the union will be shown.

1.7 Union attack out logs:
This is the same as attacks in logs but just all attacks made by members of your union only while they were in your union, any attacks before they joined the union will not be shown.

2.Managing Your union:
As a union Don, Consigliere or Underboss you will have power over the whole union and some powers over the families in your union.

2.1 Powers you have within your Union.

2.11 Create extension families: (Union Don,Consigliere,Underboss and family Dons)
After your union is set up and your family has atleast 5 members in it you can create another extension family unless you already have the max extension families in your union which is currently set to 3 extensions, and extensions need to be created from the union options page once the union is created.

2.12 Invite a family to join the union: (Union Don,Consigliere,Underboss)
As don or Consigliere you can invite an already started family to join your union by entering there family name in the invite box on the union options page. As long as your union doesnt have the max families already they will be able to join and you will have that family listed on your union home page and have the access like if you had created the extension your self.

2.13 Remove a family from your union: (Union Don only)
This is exactly what it says you can remove any family from your union.

2.14 Promote/Demote an Union Consigliere. (Union Don only)

2.15 Promote/Demote an Union Underboss. (Union Don only)

2.16 Promote a new Union Don. (Union Don only)

2.17 Change the Union's name: (Union Don only)
Just like with your family you are able to change the Unions name with out
disbaning the union to do so.

2.18 Upload an Union icon, set a Union Media: (Union Don,Consigliere,Underboss)
Again just like with your family you can have a Union icon and a Union media that will be displayed on your union home page. the icon and media will only be displayed on your union home page not on each families home page in your union.

2.20 Set a News post for the Union: (Union Don,Consigliere)
You can set a news post that is displayed on your unions board for all union members to see when they read the union board.

2.2 Some powers You will have over the families in your union are as follows.

2.2.1 Change family name: (Union Don only)
As the union don you will be able to change the family name of any family in your union. this is only available to the Union Don. To use this just select the families name from the drop down menu, enter the new name in the name box and hit Update Options button.

2.2.2 Upload a family icon: (Union Don,Consigliere,Underboss)
You as Union Don or Consigliere can upload the icon for any family in your union and the size limits on the icon will go by your account status not the status of the families Don. To upload an icon first select the family name from the dropdown menu then browse for the icon on your computer select the file and then hit the Update Options button and it will be uploaded for the family you had chosen.

2.2.3 Promote a family Underboss: (Union Don only)
This is the same as a family Dons power to promote an Underboss, except now you are doing it for one of the families in your union, this player will have the powers of an Underboss just like if his family Don had given him the Underboss title, To use this option you need to select the members name from the drop down menu and then hit Update Options button and it will give that player the Underboss title in his family.

2.2.4 Promote a family Capo: (Union Don only)
This works the same way as promoting a family Underboss except title is Capo and they will have the same powers in there family as if there Don had promoted them to the Capo position.

2.2.5 Giving Custom titles: (Union Don only)
As union Don you can give any member in the union a custome title just as if they were in your own family. this is only available to the Union Don, and Union Consigliere.

3. Leaving your union:
The Don of each extension family also has the option to leave the Union this is found on the union options page for the Don only of each extension family.

4. Disbaning your union:
The Union Don has the chose to disban the union just like a family don, when a union is disbaned each family in the union will go back to being just a normal family and all members who were promoted to Union underboss or Union Consigliere will be demoted back down to there normal family titles.

Leaving and disbaning a union both require you to verify that you want to leave or disban so there is no accidental disbanings or leaving a union.


Attacking can be very fun and beneficial or back fire big time. Sometimes you will be attacked and utterly demolished, other times your family may be attacked all your have to decide what to do. Take note that you can only attack someone who is a Net Worth value of 4 Times to half of your own. This commonly called Attack Range and it works same way for any player, as in you can only be attacked by those double your Net Worth to ¼. You will also need at least 1 Defensive Unit to attack but you can be attacked if you have none. Be aware that if someone is attacked, they will have revenge to get the person back no matter what Net Worth range they are at within 24 Hours Keep in mind that revenge will override protection so if another player has revenge on you and you are collecting or recruiting they will be able to attack you even if you have protection from your collecting or recruitng. Also keep in mind some attack options may not appear until the Defensive Units are completely gone and each requires Turns to do. The attacks are as such and all send in your Defensive Units:

Drive-by (4 turns) – Allows you to target the Defensive Units only. Also you can send in as many Units that you want depending on the amount of cars you have. must take 25% or more of your dus for it to give the other player revenge.

Run in Headquarters (4 turns) – Attacks in the attempt to take out someone Defense and if it’s a winning attack, you will take % of the cash on hand as well. Be aware if that the winner is the receiver of the cash.

Kill Operatives (10 turns) – This is designed to take out one means of making income. You will need to win against the Defensive Units to get to the Operatives. And If player has no Defensive units There Operatives will defend them selves and kill some of the attackers Defensives.

Steal Drugs (3 turns) – You need some drugs to make your men happy or just want them for there net worth value. This attack takes a % of them upon getting past the Defensive Units.

Rob Rides (5 turns) – This will allow you to steal their cars. The more you have, the more you steal provided they are enough Defensive Units to travel in them.

Rob Planes (5 turns) – This will allow you to steal their planes. The more you have, the more you steal provided they are enough Defensive Units to travel in them.

Net Worth Values

Here is the list of what increases the value of your current Net Worth. Each unit/item will provide an increase as follow:

Whore - $2,500
Dealer - $2,000
Bootlegger - $1,500
Hustler - $1,000
Punk - $500
Thug - $500
Hitman - $1,000
Bodyguards - $500
Alcohol - $1
Coke - $3
Weed - $4
S-class - $1,650
Hummer - $32,500
AF1 Jet - $32,500
747 Plane – $162,500

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